A Casual Encounter

I stood behind her in line at the coffee shop and listened to how she ordered her usual.  I’d planned this particular scene out in my head a thousand times, and when I finally went for it, I could feel my heart in my chest.

I offered to pay for her latte, and with a smile, she agreed.

I asked her to sit with me for breakfast, and she agreed to that as well.  She told me her name and asked me for mine.  I told her my name, and so the conversation began.

To her, I don’t think it felt like much longer than a few minutes, but as I clung to every word she said, it felt like a lifetime. 

She got up to leave, and I stood up as well.  She told me to call her and gave me her number.  I didn’t tell her it was already in my phone.

I watched her walk out to her car and get into the driver’s seat.  I pressed the call button on my phone and listened to the ring.



I heard her voice answer, and as I watched through the window of the cafe, I saw the shape sit up from her back seat.  I told her to be calm and do her best not to scream – it’s always worse when they scream.


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