Lightning and Thunder

The rain pattered noisily against the window and the lightning flashed in the sky, bathing the dark bedroom with momentary light.

“One Mississippi.  Two Mississippi.  Three Mississippi.”

The thunder cracked in the distance.

Sam rolled over in his bed and squeezed his eyes shut.  He hated the thunder.

The lightning flashed again, and although his eyes were closed he could still see the light in the window through his eyelids.  He counted again.

“One Mississippi.  Two Mississippi.”

The thunder cracked.  The storm was getting closer.

He clutched his teddy bear, Charlie, tight against his chest and willed the thunder to go away.

The lighting flashed again and immediately the thunder boomed outside his window.

He sat up in his bed, scared stiff, working up the courage to brave the journey up the stairs to his parents’ bedroom.  The nightlight on the other end of the room provided just enough light to see, but the moment he reached the hallway, he knew it wouldn’t do him much good.

Suddenly, the power went out and his room was bathed in darkness.  The bedroom door slammed open and Sam screamed, fumbling quickly for the flashlight inside the drawer of his nightstand.

He flicked it on quickly and pointed the shaking beam to the bedroom door and saw that it was still closed.

It took him only a moment to realize it hadn’t been his bedroom door, but his closet door that had been slammed open.

His flashlight died, and the lighting flashed, illuminating the dark shape standing in the corner of his bedroom.  Sam began to scream but wouldn’t be heard over the sound of the thunder that followed.


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