The Men in Black

Have you ever heard of the men in black? They’re the men that bridge the gap between the normal and the supernatural. They’re the ones that clean up the messes in Roswell and Amityville. They leak only sparse details to the public, so that the truth can be exploited into aliens and demons so that we can stay safe from the real dangers that are from far worse places than our nightmares.

You’ve seen them too – perhaps they’ve even come to your door and knocked. You’d never know it though, because they don’t let you keep your memories of what happens when they come. They don’t let you know remember the hot breath on your neck just before they knock, or the feeling of danger that the deep, carnal part of your brain senses like a deer just before being attacked by a wolf pack. All you remember is two young men on your doorstep asking you: “Do you have a moment to talk about Jesus Christ and the plan of salvation?” 


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