DoverHawk is an American writer from Salt Lake City, Utah.

He is currently working on a novel based on one of his short stories along with several other ongoing projects.

If you with to contact DoverHawk, you may do so by filling out the Contact Form located on the left menu located on the homepage, or by emailing him directly at DoverHawk@gmail.com.

Behind the Curtain

It's late at night, maybe two or three in the morning, and you hear a knock at the door that rips you from sleep. You sit up, wondering if the sound was imagined, and you hear it again, a frantic pounding on your front door. With a sudden alertness, you shrug on your robe and hurry to the door. You hear it again, but this time the knocking has become a pounding. You turn the lock and throw the door open and find nothing but an empty porch and the night air. You step out for a moment, cautiously wondering if someone is playing a trick. You hear nothing but silence and turn to go back inside, allowing yourself to believe that it was the wind and not something else. But it's too late - you've already opened your door and let it in. You go back to bed and close your eyes, and just as you begin to drift back into sleep, feel a rough hand wrap around your ankle.

With over forty stories, Behind the Curtain explores the darkness of the world we far too often choose to ignore until it's too late to turn back.  Available now on Amazon.

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